Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gardening Update -- working out the plans

As I said in my original post, I need to do this garden with a bare minimum of financial outlay.  This means I'm not planning on buying anything for which I can use materials I have on hand.  Since both my son and daughter-in-law work in the fast food industry, I have decided to use the ever-present styrofoam to-go boxes for my seedlings instead of buying the disposable plastic seed starting trays.  I can make them into mini-greenhouses by covering them with plastic wrap.  From my experiences last year I know that this should help with the germination process.  I've been reading up on starting seeds, and I'll probably start them on paper towels, then separate them in soil after they have sprouted. 

I have already bought several kinds of seeds to start, but haven't begun the process yet.  I also have a list of other vegetables my grandkids want me to grow, so I need to make another trip to get the rest of the seeds I need.

We lucked out.  Apparently there are two rototillers in the shed behind the house we live in and the landlord said anything in there is fair game.  We don't know if either works, but hopefully one of my sons or my ex-hubby can combine them into one. Then its only a matter of convincing one of them to till up the garden area, since doing something like that would probably leave me bedridden for several days due to my back.  I won't have any of the grandkids, even the 13-year-old, use the tiller because it is too dangerous. 

I still haven't even figured out how big the garden will be or exactlly what will be in it.  I'm still working on that. 

I plan to take pictures of different steps along the way and will post them as well.  That way the whole thing will be documented.  Most of all I want my grandkids to have fun with this.  I'm looking at this project as a creative outlet for myself and the kids.  In my opinion there is nothing more important to teach a child than how to be self-sufficient and creative. 

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